List of Publications (2015-2020)

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Philosophy Series (Ratio)


1. Dan Zahavi, Husserl’s Phenomenology, 2017

2. Dorion Cairns, Conversations with Husserl and Fink, 2018

3. Hermann Schmitz, A Brief Introduction to the New Phenomenology, 2019

4. John Panteleimon Manoussakis, God after Metaphysics: A Theological Aesthetic, 2019

5. Alexander Schnell, What is the Phenomenon?, 2019

6. Jean-Luc Marion, In the Self’s Place: The Approach of Saint Augustine, 2020



1. Jacques Maritain, Integral Humanism, 2019

2. Jacques Maritain, The Impossible Antisemitism, 2018

3. Doru Căstăian, Why Education Still Matters? 11 essays on school and education, 2018

4. Doru Căstăian, On Differences and Similarities. Humanism, Secularization, Faith, 2019


Historia Philosophiae

1. Anthony Kenny, Ancient Philosophy: A New History of Western Philosophy, vol. 1, 2016

2. Anthony Kenny, The Rise of Modern Philosophy: A New History of Western Philosophy, vol. 3, 2019

3. Anthony Kenny, Philosophy in the Modern World: A New History of Western Philosophy, vol. 4, 2018



1. Andrei Marga, On Justice and its Values, 2017

2. Teodor Baconschi, The Laughter of the Patriarchs. An Anthropology of Derision in the Eastern Orthodoxy, 2020

3. Jacques Maritain, On the Philosophy of History, 2020



1. The Book of the Twenty Four Philosophers, 2015

2. Pseudo-Aristotel, The Book of Apple and Death, 2016


Philosophia Americana

1. Delia Marga (ed.), American Philosophy, vol. 1. Contemporary Philosophy, 2015


Philosophia Britannica

1. George Berkeley, Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher, 2015


Theology Series (Revelatio)


1. From Conflict to Communion. Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017. Report of the Lutheran-Catholic Commission on Unity, 2017

2. Vasile Buda, Theology and Sacramental Mysticism in Nicholas Kabasilas „The Life in Christ”, 2016


Science and Religion

1. Alvin Plantinga, Where the Conflict Really Lies. Science, Religion and Naturalism, 2016

2. Valentin Teodorescu, Between God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Alvin Plantinga’s Arguments for the Existence of God, 2017



1. Remi Brague, God’s Masterpiece and other essays, 2016
2. Jacques Maritain, Raïssa Maritain, Liturgy and Contemplation, 2018


Theologia Socialis

1. Gregory Vlastos, Christian Faith and Democracy, 2015

2. For the Life of the World. Toward a Social Ethos of the Orthodox Church, 2020


Authentica Series

1. Felicia Doleanu, Full of Memories. A Romanian Woman in the Western Europe, 2020

2. Paul Goma, The Color of the Rainbow ’77 (The Trembeling of Men), 2015

3. Without Prison I would have been nothing Neculai Popa in dialogue with Flori Bălănescu, 2016

4. Teodor Flonta, A Luminous Future. Growing up in Transilvania in the Shadow of Communism, 2018

5. Czeslaw Milosz, The Self Portrait of a Stubborn man. Conversations with Aleksander Fiut, 2016

6. Gabriel Brebenar, Thousand and One books. A Reader’s Diary (2008-2013), 2018

7. Valeriu Antonovici, Claudia-Florentina Dobre (eds.), Deported in the Bărăgan Field. Memories from the Romanian Syberia, 2016

8. Irina Szasz, Mindful with the Dalai Lama, 2019

9. Lidia Ostalowska, Watercolors: A Story from Auschwitz, 2017


Academica Series

1. Maria Hulber, The Memorialistic Literature of the Post-War Detentions, 2015

2. Raluca Boboc, Representations of the Body in the Biblical Imaginary: The Book of the Proverbs, 2015

3. Cristian Bălănean, Human Nature in Thomas Aquainas and Karl Popper. The Critic of the Contemporary Anthropological Monisms, 2019

4. Ramona Jitaru, Paul Goma’s Diary. The Revenge of the Writer, 2016

5. Czeslaw Milosz, History of Polish Literature, 2017

6. Daniela Iederan, Symbolical Configurations in Paul Goma’s Works, 2016

7. Ciprian Nițișor, Incursions in the Silver Century of the Russian Literature. On the Path of Dmitri Mereijkovski, 2018

8. Florin Voica, Friedrich Nietzsche. Philosophy as Tragical Pathos and Exercise of Sobriety, 2015

9. Rosette C. Lamont, Ionesco’s Imperatives: The Politics of Culture, 2019


Documenta Series

1. Paul Goma, Code Name „Bărbosul”, 2015

2. Maria Hulber (ed.), „In the Realm of silence”. Richard Wurmbrand in the Archives of Securitate, 2018


Literature Series

1. Paul Goma, The Dog’s Soldier, 2019

2. Paul Goma, From the „Calidor”, 2015

3. Paul Goma, The Oldman and the Girl, 2018

4. Paul Goma, Justa, 2016

5. Flori Bălănescu, The Permanent Revolution, Mon Amour!, 2019

6. Mariko Nagai, Georgic: Stories, 2015

7. Massimo Carlotto, Allah’s Christians, 2015

8. Gabriel Klimowicz, The World of Bastards, 2016

9. Antoaneta Olteanu (ed.), Once upon a time in the Fall, 2016

10. Sorin Catarig, Death among Tetrapods, 2019

11. Simona Castiglione, Arriverderci, Guguță! Mothers and Shamans, 2015


Studia Series

1. AA.VV., Paul Goma and the Never Ending Exile, 2016

2. Camelia Dinu (ed.), The Russian Modernism during The Silver Century, 2020

3. Flori Bălănescu, The Cannal Group ’77. The ”Social Parazites” and The Goma Movement for Human Rights, 2016

4. Claudia-Florentina Dobre, Valeriu Antonovici, The Present of the Communism: Cultural Memory and Historiographical Approaches, 2016


Historia Series

1. Mihai Ciucă, On the Path of Robert Murray M’Cheyne. The History of the Scottish Mission for the Jews in Jassy, 2020

2. Adriano Papo, Gizela Nemeth Papo, The Immesurable Temptation of Power. George Martinuzzi – The Real King of Transylvania in the 16th Century, 2019
3. Geta Dumitriu, Puritan Men and Women. New beginnings in North American Lands, 2020
4. Gabor Bankuti, The Jesuits in Romania in the 20th Century, 2019
5. Ana Dumitran, Orthodox religion – Reformed religion. Hypostases of the Religious Identity of the Romanians from Transylvania in the 16th and 17th Century, 2015
6. Alberto Castaldini, The Mimetic Hypothesis, On Jews and the Origins of the Modernity, 2018

1. Giordano Bruno, Of Bonds in General / Desiderius Erasmus, Panegyric to Philip. The Education of the Prince, 2015

De Re Culinaria
1. Marius Cristian, The Legends on the Plate. Famous Recipes, Salads of Myths, and Historical Dishes, 2016
2. Ervin Szekely, Recipes and Love Book, 2018
3. Dagmar Dusil, Missing home, missing traveling. Culinary Itineraries, 2018

Outside Series
1. Ioana Violet, The Test of the Labyrinth. Visual Arts, Dance and Performance from the Perspective of Art Therapy. Research in Art Therapy, 2019


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