Ratio et Revelatio Publishing House

Ratio et Revelatio – the name we have chosen, reason and revelation, covers an ambitious editorial project, namely to provide the Romanian public with access to philosophical, theological, and history texts, as well as literature books. Our editorial identity is based on the principle of respect for all agents involved in the book production and consumption, from author, editor, translator, to reader, and we always devote great care to guaranteeing the quality of our books, both in terms of content and physical appearance.
Our story began in the fall of 2013, with the presence at Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest, when we launched the Ratio et Revelatio publishing house which quickly began to be a much appreciated brand among readers looking for quality books. The publishing house won the first place in May 2014, “Gala bun de tipar” as the best new publishing house.
Ratio et Revelatio is a publishing house seeking to continuously and organically publish works within the broad humanist culture. Our main areas of focus are scientific and philosophical thought (ratio) and religious thought (revelatio). Perhaps for the contemporary man these two coordinates are in opposition, however our editorial practice is to show how these two areas are dependent on each other at a deep level. Through this unity of contraries the Ratio et Revelatio publishing house seeks to promote an integrated understanding of knowledge.
Reason and Revelation are symbolic concepts which not only define our editorial choices, but also shape the future of our publishing house. We initially started covering these two areas, and gradually developed new areas of interest, and our readers, authors and translators have actively participated in developing these areas.
Our readers are lovers of philosophy, theology, classical languages, intellectual debates, essays written by renowned thinkers and memoirs of moral landmarks in the Romanian culture. The Dan Sluşanschi and Paul Goma author series sets us apart in the Romanian editorial landscape.
Our collection of cultural entertainment includes literature collections for those who spend their free time wisely, for intellectual and spiritual delight. Our editorial team is a large family that brought to life the saying sina ira et studio.
We have published so far over 120 titles. This has meant a lot of effort, but the results have given us satisfaction.

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